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Madera, California

22,000 sq. ft. of stone work

The 101,534 sq.ft. court house has been positioned to work with the existing Historic Courthouse and Courthouse Park creating a town square.

The exterior facade of the building boasts mechanically attached Sierra White granite from Cold Springs Granite. The 24"x72"x2" stone pieces were transformed with a water jet finish to create texture to the vrtical basket weave pattern that is proud in the design of the courthouse. The interior wall stone and exterior landscaping features the same white and black peppered granite. Academy Black granite was used for the exterior flag posts. The project has earned LEED Certification for sustainibility and a 20 mile proximity to the stone quarry in Raymond, California.  


Architect: A.C. Martin

Architect case study: 


General Contractor: Gilbane

Photo credit: James Ewing/OTTO

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